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my life revolves around real madrid and so does this blog

madridista by heart, not by welfare (there are)

posts about the real madrid games i've been to can be found under 'matches'.


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Anonymous: are you worried that line might be getting alcoholic? she's been drinking every single day now and honestly I think she needs an intervention before she goes down that dark hole.


What I’m more worried about it the fact that you know this while I have no idea who you are lmao.

The only reason she’s been drinking a lot in the past few days is because scandinavian uni’s have a tradition of getting the freshmen’s drunk as humanly possible during the first weeks of school.

✌️ (at Parken Stadium)


Turned 20 in the streets of Milan today! 😎 (at Milano, Italy)

I get more and more disgusted my Mourinhistas each day. How anyone can defend it is beyond me.

Anonymous: I wish you would come back

It’s not gonna happen lol sorry :( I kind of want to sometimes but nahhh



at Silkeborg, Denmark

Anonymous: a little bird told me you and line are going to madrid to watch the cl but guess what, rm is giving out free tickets today to watch the game on giant screens at the bernabeu so i guess you two will have to watch it at some rusty old bar jejeje :)


we may not have watched it from the bernabeu but we sure as hell didn’t watch it as some “rusty old bar” either… not sure cibeles should be classified as that tbh?

joke’s on you anon